Marea Negra (SPILL) opens at Roca Madrid Gallery

After a successful and well-received exhibit at the Roca Barcelona, SPILL moved on to the Roca Madrid Gallery. Daniel returned to his native Madrid for the opening reception that was attended by well over 300 people last week. The exhibit will stay up on their walls until May 26th. Please stop by if you have a chance!

Also, thank you to Sonia CaƱada and Roca for the photos!
Daniel talks with his friend and former colleague at EFE, Manuel Perez Barriopedro, who won the World Press Photo in 1981.

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SPILL opens at Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago

Last week, Daniel’s SPILL opened at the Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago. Despite some inclement weather – they don’t call it the Windy City for nothing – a nice sized crowd moseyed thru the space as part of the city’s “First Friday” art walk in the River North neighborhood.

Here are a few more photos to give you a taste of the nicely produced show that will grace CEG’s walls until the end of April. The exhibit consists of a dozen prints by Toronto Image Works of the Gulf Oil Spill photos at sizes up to 48″x60.” If you’re in the Chicagoland area or just stopping by, we hope you take the time to go down and see SPILL.

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Update of recent videos

In the above video, the jury of SNAP: A National Juried Exhibition of Photography discuss selecting the images for the show at the Beford Gallery at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek, California. The kind words spoken of Daniel’s SPILL work are much appreciated, as always.

Two pictures from Daniel’s SPILL portfolio were included for display with the rest of the SNAP exhibit at the Bedford Gallery until February 19th.

In addition, we also found a video previewing Daniel’s presentation for the opening of the exhibit at the Aquarium of the Pacific – recently extended until February 16th – online. It isn’t embeddable, so you’ll have to click thru to watch it on their site.

Sony World Photography Awards @ NYC

A print of Daniel’s from his work on the Prince’s Rainforests Project in 2009 was included in an exhibit for the Sony World Photography awards at the Chelsea Art Museum in Manhattan. The exhibit opens October 13th and runs until to November 6th. For more information, please go here.

Hopefully some of you in the NYC area will have the time and opportunity to check it out; we’re very glad and thankful to have Daniel’s work included.

– JN

SPILL to move on to L.A.

We’re hoping that the excellent reviews and exposure that Daniel’s “SPILL” exhibit on the Gulf oil spill has received will continue when it moves on to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California in October. Daniel will be giving a presentation at the opening of the exhibit on Thursday, October 13th. Dr. Larry McKinney, an oceanographer and director of the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies, will also speak at the event. If you can’t wait until it officially opens, it should be up on the walls by early October.

And yes, since SPILL is going up in California, that means it will be coming off the walls at the Seattle Aquarium soon – on September 14th. If you’re in Seattle and haven’t seen it yet, hopefully you can get down there before SPILL departs for the Aquarium of the Pacific.

– JN

Think Tank Photo sale

Daniel’s friends over at Think Tank Photo are having a sale on their Modular and Skin belt systems that you might be interested in.

The Modular line is a more robust product than the lightweight Skin series, but both are high quality and consistent with everything in the Think Tank line. The sale is 20% off and runs until they run out of stock, so it might not last all that too long.

– JN

Daniel awarded gold by CHIPP

Thanks to Google’s translation tool, we just discovered that Daniel won multiple prizes by the China International Press Photo Contest (CHIPP) for his work on the BP/Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

A portfolio of ten images was awarded the gold prize in the nature and environmental news story category; Daniel also took bronze and award of excellence prizes in the single photo category to further fill his trophy case. For those members of the grammar police who might click thru to the links, be warned, the translations provided by Google use some adventurous sentence structure and confuse “400 million” for “four million.” Hopefully the English side of the CHIPP website will be updated so the most recent winners will then reflect 2011 and not 2010 (Note: the above links were created through the Google translation tool).

Regardless of a few misplaced modifiers, we’re very grateful for the additional attention that the oil spill story and Daniel’s work received via the CHIPP awards. It still hasn’t even been a year since the spill ended and the story already seems very distant in the public conscience; we’ll cross our fingers for a few more contest wins to help push the story out again.


SPILL reception at Seattle Aquarium and Sound Conversation

The Seattle Aquarium hosted a reception for Daniel’s SPILL exhibit on Thursday night. This event was prior to the “Sound Conversation” that Daniel participated in, discussing the Gulf Oil Spill – which just happened to begin a year ago – and his work as a conservation photographer.

For those of you unable to attend, here are a few photos to give you a taste of the event. Many thanks to the Aquarium staff and volunteers who helped make it such a wonderful evening.

– JN

Photos of SPILL exhibit at Seattle Aquarium

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to check out Daniel’s SPILL exhibit at the Seattle Aquarium, here are a few photos of what you’re missing out on. The large prints fill the space well and look fantastic. They’re displayed in the first main exhibition room (past the gift shop), so it shouldn’t be much trouble for you to find them. If you’ve never been, the Aquarium provides a great opportunity to learn about marine life and the environment for people of all ages, especially kids. The SPILL photos provide a great reminder of the threats presented to the oceans.

Additionally, we’d also like to remind you that Daniel will be making a presentation of his oil spill photos at the Sound Conversation hosted at the Aquarium on Thursday night, May 5th.

Hope to see you there!