SPILL book reviewed in PDN


This month’s edition of the prestigious Photo District News included a review by Conor Risch of Daniel’s book SPILL in the magazine’s “Our Picks” section.

More attention to the Gulf Oil Spill – and Daniel’s work – is always appreciated. For some reason PDN doesn’t share all of their magazine content on their website, so we don’t have a handy link to point you towards, though if you click on the image above, we have a high-res scan that you read it thru. Unless you already subscribe to PDN, of course; check it out on page 20 of the July issue.

However, we would like to note that there was one error in the review: it lists the price as $55 when in fact it is actually $50. You can order it thru Daniel’s website and will come signed, to boot!

SPILL at G2 in Venice

spill_g2_panoramaA full exhibit of SPILL went up on the walls of the G2 Gallery in Venice, California and opened on March 5th. Daniel was especially thankful for the opportunity to raise visibility of the Gulf Oil Spill while the civil trial against BP is taking place almost three years after the spill began. Proceeds from the formal opening – which Daniel was able to attend – were donated to Greenpeace USA. SPILL at G2 ran until April 21st. The gallery show at G2 garnered the attention of NPR’s affiliate in Los Angeles, KCRW, which produced a really nice interview of Daniel.


Once the G2 Gallery show of SPill closed, some of the prints were moved to the Sturt Haaga Gallery in beautiful Descanso Gardens, just 20 minutes outside of L.A.  The exhibition will be on view from May 5th until July 28th.

Also, here is a cool video of the opening reception:

SPILL @ Human + Nature in Kirkland

kirklan_humannaturephoto by Will Braden

Three SPILL prints by Daniel were selected for an exhibit at the Kirkland Arts Center called “Human+Nature” that opened on March 1st and ran until April 6th, just across the bridge from Seattle in Kirkland, Wash.. It was a cool opportunity for Daniel’s local friends to see some of his work in person! Fingers crossed that another chance can be arranged soon.

ICE in Montreal

montreal_iceSome photos from Daniel’s ICE series were displayed in Montreal as part of the Lumino-Therapie exhibits that were organized by the Quartier Des Spectales Montreal. While possibly not the most comfortable arrangement, viewing the photos of ICE in the outdoor cold of Montreal between December 6 and February 3, 2013 did at least create a quasi-virtual reality experience!

ICE in Aspen


Aspen might have had a lighter than usual snowfall this past winter, but they did have ICE, Daniel’s new gallery exhibit, from December 14 to February 18, 2013 at Quintenz & Company. ICE showed a glimpse of melting ice-scapes from around both polar circles and British Columbia. Many of the photos were from an expedition to the Arctic to document the decline in summer sea ice in September 2012, when it was measured to reach its smallest minimum (summer) extant since satellite observation began in the 1970s.


The prints at the show – up to 48″x72″ – were produced by the excellent folks at Toronto Image Works, who also make prints for Daniel’s SPILL exhibits. They look fabulous and we hope you get a chance to see them in person!


Below, Daniel talks a bit about his approach to photographing ICE.

Ready for a MindShift?

Like many photographers, Daniel is a bit of bag junkie. If you ever see his basement, a significant portion of it is now a graveyard for bags that he’s taken to the far corners of the globe and then failed him in some, admittedly, pretty challenging circumstances. Well, Daniel is extremely excited to announce his involvement in MindShift Gear, a new outdoor photography bag company. Over the past couple of years, Daniel has worked with the founders of ThinkTank Photo to produce the Rotation180°, the first in a full line of camera bags tailored for use in nature, wildlife and conservation photography.  Honestly, we think the Rotation180° is a fantastic product that will help professional and amateur photographers alike work more efficiently and in greater comfort as they make photos all over the world. Daniel can’t wait to get a production model version of it and take it out on assignment!


The bag debuted at the PhotoPlus expo in New York back in November to a very enthusiastic response. If you’d like to find out more, check out MindShift’s website or view their Kickstarter page which launched the Rotation 180°. Other products are in the pipeline, too!

Pictet Reaction


John Vidal at The Guardian in the U.K. recently posted an interesting – and appreciated – reaction to the result of the Prix Pictet. As you may remember, Daniel was shortlisted as a finalist for this award but it went to Luc Delahaye instead. I can’t say we disagree with his critique.

Daniel’s entry also leads off a roundtable discussion led by the chair of the Pictet jury, Sir David King in this video:

In other news regarding the Pictet, photos from Daniel’s entry and other shortlisted photographers will be exhibited around the world into 2014, starting off with the Bernheimer Gallery in Munich. That exhibit runs until November 9th; we’ll share more news of other coming venues soon.

Daniel named to Prix Pictet shortlist

We’re very pleased to share with you the news that out of 643 nominees, Daniel is now one of twelve finalists on the shortlist for the Prix Pictet Award. The theme for this 4th cycle of the award is “Power.” His photograph, Oil Spill #4, was chosen on the cover of the Prix Pictet book corresponding to the exhibition that will tour internationally in 2012-2014. It’s a bit of an understatement to say that Daniel is honored to be considered. He’ll be awaiting the winning announcement by Kofi Annan at the Prix Pictet’s award ceremony in London on October 9th. Our fingers are firmly crossed until then!

For those of you less familiar, the Prix Pictet, sponsored by the Swiss bank C.E. Pictet, is the world’s first prize dedicated to photography and sustainability. It has a unique mandate – to use the power of photography to communicate vital messages to a global audience. Entrants are nominated by a panel of photo industry leaders, heightening both the exclusivity and prestige of the winners.