Update of recent videos

In the above video, the jury of SNAP: A National Juried Exhibition of Photography discuss selecting the images for the show at the Beford Gallery at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek, California. The kind words spoken of Daniel’s SPILL work are much appreciated, as always.

Two pictures from Daniel’s SPILL portfolio were included for display with the rest of the SNAP exhibit at the Bedford Gallery until February 19th.

In addition, we also found a video previewing Daniel’s presentation for the opening of the exhibit at the Aquarium of the Pacific – recently extended until February 16th – online. It isn’t embeddable, so you’ll have to click thru to watch it on their site.

ILCP Witness web video

Witness: Defining Conservation Photography Feature from iLCP on Vimeo.

Daniel makes an appearance in a pretty cool internet video produced by Neil Osborne for the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP) that they recently put on their website. The title of the video, “Witness: Defining Conservation Photography,” leaves a pretty clear impression of what the seventeen-minute video covers and nicely combines the interviews and images of more than a dozen other ILCP fellows and associates including Joel Sartore and Michael Nichols. Also, Jane Goodall introduces and closes the video with some thoughts about conservation. “Witness: …” explains what constitutes conservation photography and lets the photographers describe the motivations and inspirations behind their work. While there are photos by Daniel are sprinkled throughout the video, watching a compilation of some of the best shots by the best conservation photographers in the world makes for a pretty unique viewing experience.

direct link to the video: http://www.ilcp.com/videos/witness-defining-conservation-photography


ILCP Buzz interview

Last week, the International League of Conservation Photographers published an interview with Daniel on their “Buzz” expose blog. It covers some questions about Daniel’s philosophy about conservation photography and the motivations for the work that he does, which are a little more illuminating about how Daniel approaches the world with his camera than the general technical inquiries (What camera? What lens?) that many people often have.

direct link: http://www.ilcp.com/buzz/witness-an-interview-with-ilcp-photographer-daniel-beltra


Pacific Mag video interview

The Seattle Times made a video of an interview with Daniel to accompany their feature article on him and his work in this week’s Pacific Magazine. Daniel discusses how his style evolved into that of a conservation photographer, and his search for beauty in the tragic destruction of nature. The interview is 1:44 and is interspersed with some of Daniel’s photos. Also, it’s preceded by an ad, FYI.

– JN

Profile (& cover) in Pacific Magazine!

Cover of the Seattle Times Pacific Magazine, 10/24/10, featuring Daniel Beltra in a helicopter

Daniel’s smiling face graces this week’s cover of Pacific Magazine (in The Seattle Times), which features a profile and several of his most well-known photos. The article isn’t yet online – we’ll update this post when a link is available – but the inserted magazine is available at newsstands¬† throughout the Seattle metropolitan area in both the advance edition and the actual Sunday (October 24th) paper.

update 10/24: Article is now online at http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/pacificnw/2013154000_pacificpbeltra24.html?cmpid=2628

– JN

212 Gallery exhibit coverage

Plenty of positive of coverage has come from the exhibit of oil spill photos at the 212 Gallery in Aspen. Plum TV produced a nice three-minute interview/slideshow of Daniel’s work in which Daniel discusses the techniques he used and challenges he faced in producing the photo coverage of the spill out of which the exhibit was made. Direct link: http://www.plumtv.com/videos/artist-daniel-beltra/index.html.

Additionally, both daily papers in Aspen covered the opening and exhibit.

Aspen Times: http://www.aspentimes.com/article/20100728/AE/100729830/1077&ParentProfile=1058.

Aspen Daily News: http://www.aspendailynews.com/section/home/141687.


Robert Glenn Ketchum kudos on Photomedia profile

A quick thanks to noted conservation advocate-photographer Robert Glenn Ketchum for a blog post about Daniel’s profile in Photomedia. Robert Glenn Ketchum, a fellow fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers, is a great photographer and environmentalist and his words of recognition are much appreciated.

Also, please check out the profile in Photomedia that Hermon Joyner wrote. It’s nicely done and on the newsstands for a couple more months. The cover of the issue is ultra-timely, since it has a photo of the Gulf Oil Spill that Daniel shot in early May gracing it. You can pick up a hard copy of the magazine at photo stores around the west.

Thanks for stopping by, we’ll have an update soon about more of Daniel’s photos of the Gulf Oil Spill.


CBC interview

Daniel did a live interview on the CBC’s evening news program “Connect with Mark Kelly” yesterday from Seattle via Skype.

Mark Kelly asked Daniel about some of the access and logistical challenges of covering the Gulf Oil Spill story for Greenpeace and the impact that oily-bird photos will have on public-consciousness of the story.


– JN

Another Guardian interview/slideshow

Another well-produced gallery-interview was put together by Eric Hillaire of The Guardian in the U.K. a few days ago. In the course of it’s five-and-a-half minutes, Daniel discusses the progress and impact of the Gulf oil spill and the difficult restrictions placed on journalists by authorities. There’s about 30 photos in the gallery, the vast majority of them are new to this blog. Though it’s been over a month since it began, it’s important that coverage of the oil spill not be pushed beyond the range of our attention span since it is likely the spill’s effects will be felt for generations in the future. Feel free to pass this link along, of course:


Also, Newsweek Magazine has a good article explaining the opaque information and limited access that journalists have been getting in their effort to cover the spill. It sounds like the public relations people at BP might be calling in favors to minimize what the public can see (and subsequently react to) of this ongoing and expanding environmental catastrophe.


UK’s Guardian interview and slideshow

Eric Hilaire of The Guardian newspaper in the UK put together an interview and slideshow of Daniel’s work on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill story on their website. In the interview, Daniel talks about the changing nature of the spill and its potential effects on marine wildlife.¬† There’s a few AP photos of brown pelicans sprinkled in, but the rest of the photos are Daniel’s – including some new photos that haven’t been posted to this blog yet.

It’s pretty nice (and much appreciated) to get some extra attention for the story that Daniel’s working hard to help cover.


– JN