SPILL book arrives

"SPILL" by Daniel BeltráExciting times here in Seattle! Arriving at 1 pound, 10.1 ounces and 9.25 by 12.25 inches is an advance copy of SPILL, Daniel’s monograph of photos from the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill that is being published by GOST Books.*

"SPILL" by Daniel Beltrá

"SPILL" by Daniel Beltrá Within it’s 62 FSC-certified pages are 27 photos from Daniel’s SPILL series and an essay by Barbara Bloemink. Thanks to the design talents of Stuart Smith, SPILL makes a stunning impression, allowing Daniel’s photos to really breathe; 23 of these photos are on full-bleed double-page spreads.

Best of all is that this book is that will be available to the general public, unlike Daniel’s first book. Keep your eyes peeled for details about purchasing a copy of your own, we’ll have these details finalized shortly.

"SPILL" by Daniel Beltrá

For more details regarding the book, please read an earlier blog post about it’s production here. Cool stuff!

* Actually, we have a handful of copies on hand and are awaiting the rest from EBS printers in Italy. They should arrive by mid-October, fingers crossed.

"SPILL" by Daniel Beltrá "SPILL" by Daniel Beltrá

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