Ready for a MindShift?

Like many photographers, Daniel is a bit of bag junkie. If you ever see his basement, a significant portion of it is now a graveyard for bags that he’s taken to the far corners of the globe and then failed him in some, admittedly, pretty challenging circumstances. Well, Daniel is extremely excited to announce his involvement in MindShift Gear, a new outdoor photography bag company. Over the past couple of years, Daniel has worked with the founders of ThinkTank Photo to produce the Rotation180°, the first in a full line of camera bags tailored for use in nature, wildlife and conservation photography.  Honestly, we think the Rotation180° is a fantastic product that will help professional and amateur photographers alike work more efficiently and in greater comfort as they make photos all over the world. Daniel can’t wait to get a production model version of it and take it out on assignment!


The bag debuted at the PhotoPlus expo in New York back in November to a very enthusiastic response. If you’d like to find out more, check out MindShift’s website or view their Kickstarter page which launched the Rotation 180°. Other products are in the pipeline, too!

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