Daniel awarded gold by CHIPP

Thanks to Google’s translation tool, we just discovered that Daniel won multiple prizes by the China International Press Photo Contest (CHIPP) for his work on the BP/Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

A portfolio of ten images was awarded the gold prize in the nature and environmental news story category; Daniel also took bronze and award of excellence prizes in the single photo category to further fill his trophy case. For those members of the grammar police who might click thru to the links, be warned, the translations provided by Google use some adventurous sentence structure and confuse “400 million” for “four million.” Hopefully the English side of the CHIPP website will be updated so the most recent winners will then reflect 2011 and not 2010 (Note: the above links were created through the Google translation tool).

Regardless of a few misplaced modifiers, we’re very grateful for the additional attention that the oil spill story and Daniel’s work received via the CHIPP awards. It still hasn’t even been a year since the spill ended and the story already seems very distant in the public conscience; we’ll cross our fingers for a few more contest wins to help push the story out again.



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