Oil spill gallery exhibit in Aspen

An exhibit of twenty oil spill photos by Daniel will publicly open at the 212 Gallery in Aspen, Colorado, on Wednesday, July 28, 2010 and run for two months until September 25th. “SPILL: CRUDE RESPONSE,” is a shared exhibit with sculpture artist Aurora Robson and features 20 photographs that Daniel shot in the Gulf of Mexico during May and June. Also, during the opening reception on Tuesday night, multimedia performance artist Kenji Williams will make a live production of his “Bella Gaia” piece, which is quite impressive to watch on just on a 15″ laptop, so live and large should be exponentially more awesome.

For the photo-enthusiasts out there, Daniel’s photographs are C-prints from the esteemed Toronto Image Works (TIW), and are enlargements of 26.6″ x 40″ and 40″ x 60,” showing all the details of this ongoing environmental catastrophe. Daniel went to Toronto to supervise the fine-tune adjustments of the prints to ensure they were of the finest quality possible and was very impressed (and thankful) for the help that everyone at TIW gave him to get this exhibit produced so quickly. Going from a shoot to exhibit normally takes much, much longer and it’s doubtful it would have been possible without their involvement.

Daniel will be attending the opening, which just happens to be concurrent with the Aspen Institute’s Environment Forum, and hopefully we’ll have photos and more details of the exhibit next week.

If you’re in or near Aspen over the next couple of months, please stop by and take a look!




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