Another Guardian interview/slideshow

Another well-produced gallery-interview was put together by Eric Hillaire of The Guardian in the U.K. a few days ago. In the course of it’s five-and-a-half minutes, Daniel discusses the progress and impact of the Gulf oil spill and the difficult restrictions placed on journalists by authorities. There’s about 30 photos in the gallery, the vast majority of them are new to this blog. Though it’s been over a month since it began, it’s important that coverage of the oil spill not be pushed beyond the range of our attention span since it is likely the spill’s effects will be felt for generations in the future. Feel free to pass this link along, of course:

Also, Newsweek Magazine has a good article explaining the opaque information and limited access that journalists have been getting in their effort to cover the spill. It sounds like the public relations people at BP might be calling in favors to minimize what the public can see (and subsequently react to) of this ongoing and expanding environmental catastrophe.



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