ABC News Person of the Week (!!!)

This morning, ABC News announced that Daniel will be designated their “Person of the Week” on the natonal news broadcast, ABC World News with Charles Gibson. Typically, it is the final segment of the broadcast and is a few minutes in length. We haven’t seen it yet, of course, but understand that it will include video footage that was shot of Daniel working in Indonesia earlier this year on the final portion of his commission/grant from the Prince’s Rainforest Project, And, of course, there will also be some of Daniel’s photos in the segment.

All in all, it’s very exciting news.

ABC World News with Charles Gibson airs live at 6:30 Eastern/5:30 Central time and delayed at 5:30 in the Mountain and Pacific time zones, but check your local listings here to double-check.

After it airs, it should be on their website here. I’ll add a direct link to the story shortly afterwards.

UPDATE: direct link to the video is now available: . You might need to update your browser’s Flash player.


One thought on “ABC News Person of the Week (!!!)

  1. I saw the report and the devastatingly beautiful images and felt like weeping for our planet. We really are making a mess of things, aren’t we?

    Thanks for this poignant contribution to increasing awareness, and let’s hope there is still time . . .

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